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In effort to join the good fight, we want to contribute to protect Ireland.
Amber Guard is now providing hand sanitiser and face masks.


For more quantity or trade customers please contact via email: info@amberguard.ie

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Hand Sanitiser 1L

This hand sanitiser with a pleasant gel consistency is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin and leaves a pleasant fragrance, thanks to the enriched ingredients and green tea scent. A convenient dosing pump will provide you with the right amount of gel to disinfect your hands. It contains over 70% ethyl alcohol (WHO have advised minimum 60% alcohol content to kill bacteria).

This product will give you a guarantee of satisfaction. For larger containers, please contact us by email or phone.

Mini face mask half shield Ireland

Mini Face Mask / Haf Shield Visor

It protects the face against reflex touching the nose and mouth areas with the hands and liquid splashes. Comfortable to wear, it has two attachment options. You can thread the elastic bands on both sides of the nose strap and create loops appropriate to the size of the head. Or you can tie the elastic bands on both sides to the nose strap and then connect the bands to fit the circumference of the head. It comes with 1 extra protective cover for FREE!

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Wall-mounted Dispenser 650ml

The small and practical dispenser can be attached to almost any surface. Thanks to this solution you will ensure security in every room and corridor. This model has a capacity of 650ml.

The necessary mounting pins are included with the dispenser.

White wall dispenser plastic wall-mounted sanitiser

Wall-mounted Dispenser 1L

White manual hand sanitiser dispenser is ideal for entrances and exits or where hand washing facilities are not available.
Seamless design makes it easy to clean and maintain.
The necessary mounting pins are included with the dispenser.


Hand sanitiser gel ireland bulk price

10x 1L Sopur Hand Sanitiser Gel

10 1-liter bottles of Sopur hand sanitiser at an exceptional price.

hand sanitiser gel refill manual dispenser package deals bulk price

5L Hand Sanitiser Gel + Wall-mounted Dispenser

Amber Guard is the natural choice for fire protection.





natural ingridients

Only Natural Ingredients


100% Biodegradable



Benefits of Amber Guard service

Meets the highest flammability standards

State of the art application techniques

Non-toxic treatment

Highest quality environmentally friendly treatment

Certification provided

Fire Protection

Fire protection of materials is necessary in places where all elements of the interior design and equipment of the building must have a non-flammability class. Typical places where special attention should be paid to proper fire protection of fabrics:

Private homes


Restaurants/Coffee shops


Hospitals/Care homes

Offices blocks

Public places

Multi color fabric texture samples